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Pictures of Sheds and Testimonials
From My Customers

Here are some pictures of sheds built from my storage shed plans sent in by my customers.

It's interesting to see variations of the shed plans I have sold. It just goes to show you that you can modify my plans and blueprints to accomodate whatever special needs you may have.

Rodney and Carey's Tiny Guest House Shed

Shed picture of Rodney and Carey's guesthouse shed.Rodney and Carey's Guest House Shed
Beautiful shed picture of the inside of Rodney and Carey's guest house shed.Complete with Kitchen, Bathroom, living room, and Sleeping Loft

Rodney and Carey from Texas used my 12x16 barn shed plans with porch to build this neat tiny guest house shed.  Click here to read more about this neat shed to house conversion.

Nick from NZ Built This Neat Cupola For His Shed

Here's Nick from NZ and the cupola he built using my cupola plans.Nick From New Zealand's Cupola
A picture of a neat cupola built by Nick from New Zealand.Nick's Neat Shed and Cupola

This cupola that Nick from New Zealand built is so neat!  He trimmed it out with copper and did a fantastic job with the construction!  Here's what Nick had to say about using my cupola plans:

Hi Shed King

I hope this email finds you well? 

I attached a couple of photos of my cupola made using your plans.
As you can see I have made copper roof flashings mimicking the shape of the decorative gable- end. The cupola is set on my cedar garden shed (which I’ve been pimping- decorative gable-ends, medieval hinges)

This was a really good wood work project for me and I want to thank you for your very clear plans, diagrams & narrative.
I topped it off with a weather vane from USA. This was the most expensive part of the project as it happened - not unexpected when you live halfway round the world as I do.

Once again, thank you for your excellent plans!

Kind regards
Nick from NZ

Ryan's 10x12 Barn Shed

Ryan's 10x12 barn shed picture.Ryan's 10x12 Barn Shed
Here's a shed picture of Ryans neat 10x12 barn shed.Ryan's neat 10x12 Barn Shed

Ryan modified my 10x12 barn shed plans to build his neat storage shed.  He modified the plans somewhat by off centering the double shed doors, added windows, and instead of going with a shingled roof he added a metal roof!

Here's what Ryan had to say about his shed building experience using my plans:

"Hi John,
I just finished the shed and wanted to send you a picture to show how it came out. I’m really happy with it! Thanks for all your help, I could not have done it without your help.

Feel free to post the pictures on your site.  I plan on using it as a storage shed for lawn and garden tools, and the loft has some stuff that I won’t use much, but want out of the way, like some extra tires and random wood pieces. I was able to find wood in the local area that helped a bit on cost, but it seems to be going up every where, especially plywood.  Since this was the only time I had to do it, I didn’t have much choice… I have gotten lots of compliments and people asking when I’m going to post it on Airbnb, lol.  It was a big hit at the memorial day picnic too."

Ryan thank you for sending me your shed pictures!  You did an awesome job!

Eric's Neat Barn Shed with Chicken Coop

Eric's 12x22 barn shed with chicken coop.Eric's 12x22 Barn Shed With Chicken Coop
Side view of Eric's barn shed with chicken coop.Side View of Eric's Neat Barn Shed
Eric's shed picture of his neat 12x22 barn shed with chicken coop.Beautiful Shed You Built Eric!!

Eric sent me these pictures of the 12'x22' barn shed he built.  He added a front and side porch and screened the porch in to make a chicken coop.  Here's what Eric had to say about using my shed plans:

Hello John,

"The plans worked great.   I made some modifications to the 12x22 barn shed but the core plans were really good and remain mostly in tact.  Made it 12x26 with an 8' lean to on one side.  It's a chicken coop on one side and storage on the other.   Here are some pictures. "



If you are interested in checking out the plans Eric used you can learn more about them here.

Paul's Shed with Loft and Porch

Picture of Paul's awesome 12x22 barnPaul's 12x22 Barn Shed
Paul's barns shed with porch and loft.Paul's Family
Paul's really cool 12x16 barn shed with nice side porch and huge loft.Huge Porch on Paul's Shed

Paul built this really neat barn shed that has a huge loft, 6'x16' side porch, roll up shed door, and entry door with 2 side windows off the porch.  The plan Paul purchased can be used to build a backyard guest house, livable shed, shed to house, she shed house and more. 

Learn more about the plans here.

Leyland's Neat 10'x16' Barn Shed

A shed picture of Leyland's 10x16 barn shed.Leyland's Shed Picture of His Awesome 10'x16' Barn Shed
Leyland's awesome shed - here's a shed picture of the back corner of his neat shed.Nice Siding and Additional Windows Make This Shed Stand Out!

Leyland sent me these pictures of his really neat 10'x16' barn shed.  I love the siding he used and the windows with shutters really adds to the uniqueness of his shed.  Another neat thing he did was adding the transom windows to his shed doors. 

Great job on your shed Leyland!  Here's a link to the 10x16 barn shed plans Leyland used.

Mr. Pearson's Awesome Gable Storage Shed

Shed pictures of Mr. Pearsons 12x16 gable shed.Nice Job Mr. Pearson on Your Gable Shed!
Shed picture of Pearson's framing for his 12x16 gable shed.Framing Done On Mr. Pearson's Gable Shed

Framing is looking good on this 12'x16' gable shed and it's easy to do with my shed plans and free building guide.  You can checkout the shed plans Mr. Pearson used here:  12x16 gable shed plans.

A shed picture of Mr. Pearson's awesome shed ramp.Here's An Awesome Shed Ramp For Sure!

This is one of the neatest ways to build a shed ramp that I have seen.  Pouring a concrete pad for the front of the ramp is a great idea!

Neat and tidy shed storage picture.  This is how you do it!Mr. Pearson's Neat and Tidy Storage

Now this is the way to do storage in a shed!

Aaron's 2'x8' Firewood storage shed

Aaron's firewood storage shed.Aaron's 2'x8' Firewood Storage Shed

Aaron used my 2'x8' firewood shed plans to build this neat structure for storing firewood.  Here's more about the firewood shed plans Aaron used. 

Here's what Aaron had to say about using the plans:

Hi John,

Thanks for the reply! We must have had an outdated set. My father and I built this in stages over the last few days and are really happy with how it turned out. Now just need some firewood! Attached pics below. 

Have a happy July 4!

My Wife's Shed During the Winter of 2020

My wife's shed during the winter of the coronavirus 2020.My Wife's Garden Shed Winter 2020

I just had to throw in this picture of my wife's shed during the winter of the pandemic, 2020.  We were hoping for a mild winter but no such luck!  If you want to see more of this 12x16 garden shed that I built for my wife 6 or 7 years ago you can see it here.

Mr. Stralen's 'Poetry Urban Barn Shed'

8x12 barn shed from John StralenJohn Stralen's 8x12 Barn Shed

Here's some comments from Mr. Stralen about his barn building experience using my plans:


I finished the shed about a month ago. My daughter and son-in-law bought a house on a large lot in Oak Park Sacramento and are just beginning a non-profit "urban farm" project (Instagram @poetry_urbanfarm). They needed a shed and really wanted the barn style. I did a little bit of work building fences and putting in landscape in my college days, but never tackled a project this size on my own but was happy to give it a try to help them save money. The plans from your website, material list, and other help made it simple, and doing it ourselves saved a ton of money. I just went step-by-step. I think it turned out great!

I followed the plans precisely as possible. The only significant difference is that I did use 2 x 4's for the loft. The reason I did that is I made a mistake by putting the roof boards on before I put the loft boards in and it made it extremely difficult to use 2 x 6's.  I did double up on a few and it was plenty strong. (I just mention that because you will see that in the photos.) 

Garden beds in front of the shed.Garden Beds In Front
Roof framing using pre-built roof trusses.Pre-built Roof Trusses

John's 12'x16' Gable Shed Project

John's 12x16 gable shed picture.John's 12x16 Gable Shed

John gave me some great feedback on his shed building project and my shed plans:

Hi John- just finished my shed and thought I would drop you a few lines.
I am 52, took wood shop in 7-12th grade, worked in a production shop for a couple of years, and have continued to make furniture and cabinets since departing the cabinet shop for education.
This is my first attempt at framing/ building.
As I was working by myself, one thing I did differently was install the vertical support beam for the ridge board at the same time using Simpson connectors- acted as another set of hands allowing me to get it up there by myself.
If I did this again I would install the siding before the roof just to eliminate the wobble.
I made a mistake that I preferred to work around than redo- I thought I was following directions when installing siding...first side wall no issues, started in corner of back, when I should have started in middle- not specifically spelled out in plans but checking with a tape would have been a good idea- quicker to install a nailer in between studs.
One thing I could not find an answer for in the plans- what to do about the space between the top plate and roof sheathing in between the rafters. As I “ saved” a sheet by installing back wall incorrectly, I made a soffit with the extra siding I had, installed a trim piece under, on the wall and caulked the seams. No light gets in so I am happy with the results of improvisation.
After being mostly done with rafters, I saw your post about a shed where you left rafter tails long to cut off later- I would do this next time as well. Probably a function of working by myself there was some variance to the installed distance of rafter to ridge board, making trim installation interesting.
And another dumb mistake- I installed the trim on the eaves to install the drip edge before I did the Gable fascia....I had the 4” and 6” trim on hand and did not see a specification in directions. As the 4” fit nicely on the rafter tails, I installed it, then installed the paper, then the gable fascia....yeah all needed to be 6”.
Overall, a fun learning experience. I am much better with a skill saw now and got comfortable being on a ladder. I honestly did not like the roofing....I installed a 2x4 to anchor my feet while I pretty much laid on the roof to install shingles...that sucker is steep!
Thanks for the plans!

Mike's Awesome 12'x20' Barn Shed

Here's a picture of Mike's awesome 12'x20' barn shed.Mike's 12'x20' Barn Shed
Mike built a jig for truss construction.Mike's Floor Jig for Truss Construction
Treated floor framing.Treated Floor on Crushed Rock Foundation

Mike used my 12x16 barn shed plans and expanded them to build this beautiful 12x20 barn shed.  I love the color.  Great job Mike!

Karl's Awesome 10'x12' Gable Shed

Brain's 12x16 Barn shedBrian's Neat 12'x16' Barn Shed

Brian built this neat 12'x16' barn shed using my 12x16 barn shed plans.

He modified the plans somewhat by adding some windows which is easy to do and any of my plan buyers can easily do so by visiting the window link on the left side of the website.  Here's what Brian had to say about using my plans:

"Attached is a picture of our shed.  You are welcome to use it for your website.  Your material list was great and your plans were very easy to follow.   Again, we really thank you for what you do!"

Thank you Brian for sending me your neat shed picture!

Brian's Neat 12'x16' Barn Shed

Karls 10x12 gable shed pictureKarl's Neat 10'x12' Gable Shed

Karl used my 10x12 gable shed plans to build the neat shed you see above.  Here is the email I received from Karl about his experience building his really cool shed:


Happy New Year!

Months ago my son and I finished our shed project with your help! I am
the one that asked about 8’ high walls because he is 6”10”. He and his
wife and their 6 month old son are living with us due to Covid.

As you can see from pictures we finished the gables with left over
Galvalome roofing. Another money saving feature was using 3/8” LP
Smart Side 8” siding strips for the final fascia, it was pre finished
on one side and we painted 3 coats on both sides before installing and
then touched up the nails. The panels 16’ length easily led to
installation on 14’ total length of the shed. The extra height led to
longer rafters and more sheltered area outside. We were pretty precise
to your directions and were less than 1/4” out of square vs 14’
length. The corner trim is fir 1x4”s salvaged from 8’ industrial
pallets (factory being built). Those same pallets yielded 24 8’ 2x4”s
and the 7/16” wafer board sheets that you advised against for roof
sheeting (we used 7/16 plywood instead).

We also liked the look of slanted rafter ends, and put drip metal
around the entire shed.

The cords are powering Christmas lights.

Again, thanks for your advice!

Thank you Karl for your shed picture!

Michael's Neat 10x16 Barn Shed

Michaels 10x16 barn shed.Here's Michael's 10x16 Barn Shed Picture

Michael used my 10x16 barn shed plans to build this neat shed.  I love the color scheme Michael came up with, and he also modified the plans somewhat by going with a metal roof.  He also added in 2 windows which are a relatively simple modification to any shed plan you purchase here.

Here's what Michael had to say about building his shed with my plans:

I followed the plans for the most part, but added some of my own ideas. I set the shed on 9 deck blocks and used 2x6 treated and 3/4 in treated decking. I really liked the design of the gambrel roof and making an assembly jig on the deck really helped out. I decided to go with a metal roof instead of shingles. By just using purlins for roof support I did not have to sheet the roof. I also added a couple windows. These shed plans were great and this shed is as sturdy as any house.


Parrish's 12'x16' gable shed with roll up shed door

a picture of Parrish's 12'x16' gable shed with roll up shed door.Parrish's 12'x16' Gable Shed with Roll Up Shed Door

This neat gable shed with roll up shed door was built by Parrish from New Jersey.  Parrish modified the plans some what by adding a window in where the entry door is shown in the plans. 

Great Job Parrish on your awesome looking shed!  You can find the plans Parrish used here: 12x16 Gable with roll up shed door.

81 years young Edward built this awesome shed..

Edwards 12x16 barn shedHere's Edwards' 12x16 Barn Shed and Edward is 81 Years Young!

All I can say is Edward - kudos to you for building your neat shed!  I hope that I can do this when I reach your age.  Some of us don't let age hold us back and Edward is a fine example of that!  This shed has a great color scheme and just looking at it you can tell that Edward took some time making sure that everything was perfect about his shed.  All the details of construction are absolutely fine indeed!  Thank you Edward for sending my your shed picture!

Roger's Outstanding 12'x16' Barn w/Porch

More shed pictures of Rogers 12x16 barn shed with side porch.Almost Finished!
This is Roger's 12x16 barn with porch picture87 Year Young Roger Building His Awesome Barn Shed

Here's an update on Roger's barn project.  What's amazing about Roger is that he is 87 years young and just retired not too long ago.  And Roger is building this barn all by himself!  That's Roger in the corner of the shed picture above.  It just amazes me how young Roger looks!  Thank you Roger for buying my barn with porch plans and a big thank you to Roger's wife Chola for taking the time to send me his progress pictures. Here's a comment from Chola:

"My Roger is 87yrs old and retired just last month! Now he spends his days doing what he loves... building our shed!"

Please watch the video below to see more of Roger building his shed:

Spark's Totally Awesome 12'x16' Barn

Wow this totally awesome 12x16 barn with side porch was sent in by Sparks.Spark's Awesome !2'x16' With Side Porch Barn

Spark's used my 12x16 barn with side porch plans to build this really nice looking shed

Cory's 12'x16' Barn with Roll up Shed Door

Cory's 12x16 barn shed with roll up door.Cory's Neat 12'x16' Barn Shed
This barn style shed has lots of storage space up in the loft area.Lots of Storage Space in the Loft!

Cory used my 12x16 barn with porch and roll up door plans to build his neat shed.  He modified the plans somewhat to store his riding mower and 4-wheeler in his shed. 

Here's what Cory had to say about using my shed plans: "You might recall I had asked if you had any plans for a roll up door, service door and window. You referred me to the plan with the porch. But here it is completed. I’m really happy with how it turned out. I obviously made some changes along the way. As it sits I only have about $4,700 into this project. I used 2x8 floor joists sense my riding mower and 4-wheeler will be stored in here. Plans were great. And very detailed. Thank you. I plan to finish up the ramp and steps in the spring. I just ran short of time with a baby due. Thanks again!"

Kelly and Lisa's 'She Shed' and 'Man Cave' Shed

Kelly and Lisa's shed picture of their she shed and man cave shed.Kelly and Lisa's She Shed and Man Cave Shed
A shed picture of Kelly's 'man cave' in the loft area.Kelly's Man Cave in The Loft

Hey John,

I don't know if you remember me buying a plan from you in june but I remember telling you I would send you the "kinda" complete shed pictures when we got done. We really learned a lot from your plan too. We've had a lot of fun and some not so fun moments. A learning experience that's for sure. As you can see we altered the plan a bit. We took out the porch from inside the building and wasn't going to have a porch and then later on  we decided we wanted one on the side. There is a little pitch to the porch roof, more than you can see on the pictures. Should of added it into the shed roof but the tin was already on the roof and i guess  it is what it is. We'll see what happens this winter.


Lisa's shed shed part of the huge shed.Lisa's 'She Shed' Part of The Huge Shed

 Also we changed the pitch on the side of the loft so we had more stand up room. I'm betting no snow stays on that steep of a roof for long. So my husband gained a man cave upstairs and I guess I'll share my she shed with my razor downstairs.

I love that my grandson helped me out with building the trusses and my sister and brother helped us raise the trusses up.  We did cheat a little I had to hire a contractor to put on the ply boards and tin on the roof. It was too dangerous for us old folks. But I think we did alright considering my husband had a double hernia surgery in the middle of this and I was still recouping from a back fusion in january.

  Oh I got to give a shout out to my father in law who is 85 and he made sure we were level and precise. He always showed up for work and never got paid. Best employee I ever had. I think he had a lot of fun! We love our shed! I wish the landscaping was done but it's hunting season now and that can wait till next year. 

Thanks again!

Kelly and Lisa

Greg's 10x12 Barn Shed

A shed picture sent in by Greg who built a 10x12 barn shed.Greg's 10x12 Barn Shed Picture
Greg's shed picture showing the front of his 10x12 barn shed.Front View of Greg's 10x12 Barn shed

Here's what Greg had to say about using shed plans from shedking:

Hey John, here is another testament to your great plans!  BTW-I built this shed 100% by myself, not bad for a 70 year old guy!

Thank you Greg for sending me pictures of your awesome shed!

Jeff's 12'x16' Barn Shed with Porch

Pictures of Jeff's barn with side porch.Jeff's Shed Pictures of His 12'x16' Shed with Porch
Jeffs 12x16 barn shed picture with additional windows added to the side.Jeff Added More Windows
Nice view of Jeff's barn shed showing the side porch area.Covered Side Porch Area

Here's a comment Jeff left about using my shed plans:

"Good evening John,

Just wanted to show how well your plans turned out.  Thanks for the help!"

Thank you Jeff for sending me pictures of your beautiful shed!

Jeff used my 12x16 barn shed with side porch plans to build this neat shed.  You can learn more about these plans here.

Sang's Nice 12'x8' Saltbox Shed

Shed picture of Sang's 12'x8' Saltbox Shed.Sang's 12'x8' Saltbox Shed Picture

View Sang's shed building progress below...

Here's what Sang had to say about using my shed plans:


I've been fortunate to have found reference to your informative site/plans. 

I'm a civil engineer on paper but have zero hands-on "DIY" kind of build. Having interpreting drawings as a job, following your estimate and plans were so simple to follow along while making minor adjustments to better suit our needs. I'm sure anyone with little to no experience would feel confident and comfortable in a similar boat. 

Per your request, I've been meaning to send you build pictures but here I am now. 



Click here to learn more about my 12'x8' saltbox shed plans.

Roger's 12x16 Barn with Porch Shed

This is Roger's 12x16 barn with 6' side porch project.  Roger is a WWII and Korean war veteran, and is 87 years young!  I can only hope to be as active and productive as Roger when I get to be his age!  For Roger obviously age is not a factor but only a state of mind when it comes to accomplishing things that most people half his age would not attempt to do.

I want to thank Roger's wife Chola for sending me these shed pictures of her awesome husband and his equally awesome shed.  Keep them coming Chola.

Here's the 12x16 barn with side porch plans Roger used to build his shed.

Dayne's 10'x16' Barn Shed

Daynes 10x16 barn shed picture.Dayne's Awesome 10'x16' Barn Shed

Dayne built this awesome looking 10'x16' barn shed using these shed plans. He also built a neat little gambrel style dog house that matches the same style as his beautiful shed. 

If you would like to take an interactive tour of this shed download the 'kubity go' app on your phone and then scan the code below:

Take an interactive tour of this shed plan by downloading 'kubity go' app to your phone then scan the bar code with the app open on your phone.Download the 'kubity go' app on your phone then scan this code.
Dayne's barn style dog house picture.Dayne's Barn Style Dog House Too!

Chris's 12'x8' Saltbox Shed

A shed picture of chris's 12x8 saltbox shed.Chris's 12x8 Saltbox Shed Picture

"Hi John.  I just wanted to thank you for the great shed plans.  As a relatively novice builder, I found them easy to follow and to adapt when needed.  (For example, we couldn’t get 4x4x12 PT timbers here, so I had to use 4x4x8 for the skids and re-orient the floor joists.). My 16 year old son and I spent about three weeks building, not every day but probably three days a week.  We’re really thrilled with the result.  Here’s a picture!

I understand from the news that a lot of Americans are building sheds during the pandemic.  Hope you’re staying busy and healthy."

Thank you Chris for your picture of your neat saltbox shed.  During the pandemic treated lumber has been scarce and various adaptations have had to be made by buyers of my shed plans.  Particularly 16' lengths of  2x4's and 4x4's.

You can find the plans Chris used here: 12'x8' Saltbox Shed Plans

Brad's 6'x8' Lean To Shed

Brad's 6'x8' Lean To Shed

 Brad did a great job building this 6'x8' lean to shed!  Here's a little bit of what Brad had to say about using my lean to shed plans:

"Sharing a pic of our finished 6x8 lean-to shed (well, needs some sanding and paint touch-ups on the trim where nail holes are filled). Great plans and tx for answering my questions."

Lee's 12x16 Barn Shed with huge shed loft

Picture of Lee's 12x16 barn shedLee's Awesome 12x16 Barn Shed Picture
This shed picture shows the amount of storage you can get with this 12x16 barn shed.Huge Storage Space with This 12x16 Barn Shed

Lee sent me his shed pictures of the neat 12x16 barn shed he built.  Here's a little of what Lee had to say about his project:

"Hey John, of course! Post away, here are a few more as well. Now doing this for the first time I did a few things I'd like to have done better. I don't know if you have a blog or user's comment section but that might be helpful. I made several mistakes doing this the first time around that is definitely do differently of I was to build another shed. But overall, things turned out great and I thought your plans were very well explained. 

Thanks again!"

Casey's 12x16 Barn Shed

Picture of Casey's 12x16 barn shed project.Casey's 12x16 Barn Shed Picture

Casey sent me his shed pictures of his awesome 12x16 barn shed.  The plans Casey used come with the option of putting the doors on the short end wall, or the long side wall with 2 windows as the picture above shows.

Here's a link to the plans Casey used:

12x16 barn shed plans.

John's 12x10 Saltbox Shed Pictures

Shed pictures of John's 12x10 saltbox shed.John's 12x10 Saltbox Shed Picture

Here's some comments John sent along with his shed pictures:

John's 12x10 saltbox shed picture of the back side.The Backside of John's Saltbox shed

"Hi John,
Almost a year ago you modified your 10 x 12 plans for me to include an offset door on the 12’ wall.
Your website says that you like folks to send in photos of the finished creation.
I wanted to wait until I installed the patio to send a photo, the large dirt patch in front of it kinda took away from the look.
It took almost a year, but, thanks to your plans and the excellent info on your website, I’m finally done.
I’m pretty proud of how it turned out, especially since I’ve never built anything before.

It went from a backyard eyesore.

To a wonderful backyard living space.

Thanks for your website, it was the most valuable tool that I had."


Josh's 12x16 Barn Shed

Josh sent me his shed picture of his 12x16 barn shed.Josh's 12x16 Barn Shed
Josh's barn shed coming along. Nice shed picture.Great Job Josh! Thank you For The Shed Pictures!

Josh used my 12x16 barn shed plans that come with the option of putting the doors and windows on the long 16' wall, or just the doors on the shorter 12' end wall.

Here's a comment Josh left with one of the pictures:

"Shed's coming along nicely. Just need to add the door, a step, and some lights/outlets inside."

"I must say, your plans are worth more than what you're charging for them. Couldn't have done it without them."

Thank you Josh for your pictures and I am looking forward to getting more!

Wade's 10x16 Barn with Porch

Shed picture of Wades 10x16 barn shed with porchWade's 10x16 Barn Shed with Porch

Here's Wade's really cool barn shed with porch.  Wade modified my 10x16 barn shed plans and added this side porch.  Here's what Wade had to say about using my plans and building this neat shed:

"I used your plans and lengthened the building to 10x20. To support the porch, I ran the joist for the loft under the framing at the top of the wall. And married wall studs under them to support the loft. Not the cheapest way but it looked better I thought. It made the 8 foot exterior wall not look as tall without decreasing interior qubicft. I ran the 2x6 x14' loft joints through a hole cut in the siding at the top of the wall out to the face of the porch. The support for the porch is in large part coming from the continuous loft joist that protrudes 46.5" proud of the wall. I calculated the roof pitch for the front porch at 22.5 degrees and nailed 2x4 ripped with a 45 degree angle to the barn roof as a shelf to mount the porch rafters and made a plywood gusset to tie the porch rafters into the protruding joists. After attaching the 2x6 fascia to the front of the porch I filled in the spaces where loft joists were not available. In the end I spent $5200 on my shed as you see it. I know it's more your plans but it's mine. The deck for the porch is built using standard deck design. 2x6 stringers 24" on center and 4 cement pads. I used extra ridge cap so dirt didn't directly contact the pressure treated wood as I put backfill around the deck."

Thank you Wade for using my plans and doing an excellent job building your neat shed!  And thank you for sending me your shed picture!

Pictures of Dan's 10x12 Barn Shed

Dan did a great job building his 10x12 barn shed.  Here's a few comments Dan had about this project:

John, thank you for sharing your shed plans with us!  This was my first ever shed build and I really enjoyed your blueprints and guide - the shed came out great!  Originally I wanted to build a 10x16 but it would have required a permit, so I went with the 10x12.  In the end I’m glad I did, anything larger is not really a solo project.  It took me about 9 full days to get it done alone.  The sense of accomplishment I have from building my own top quality shed is priceless.  Your plans are exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks again, and feel free to post my pics on your website!

Dan K

Picture of Dan with his 10x12 barn shed sitting in loftDan and His Neat Loft

Dan this is so neat how you incorporated storage and a workshop into your shed!

Great picture of Dan's neat storage and workshop setup in his 10x12 barn shedNice Workshop and Storage Shed

Thank you Dan for sending in your neat shed pictures!

Brian's 12x12 Shed With Loft

Brian's 12x12 shed with loft pictures.Brian's Neat 12x12 Barn Style Shed with Loft

Here's Brian's very nice 12'x12' shed with loft.  Brian modified my plans somewhat by adding windows on the side wall and upper gable end for the loft area. 

Picture of a shed floor with insulation.Brian Insulated This Shed Floor

Here's something Brian did that I don't see very much and that's insulating the floor framing.  This is a great addition to any shed building project.

Read more about Brian's 12x12 barn shed with loft and see more pictures here.

Jon's 12'x12' Barn Shed

Pictures of sheds - Here's Jon's 12'x12' barn shed.Picture of Jon's 12'x12' Barn Shed

Jon sent me this picture of his neat barn shed.  He used my 12'x12' barn shed plans and modified them somewhat by changing out the 5' double shed doors to a single shed door.

Great job Jon on building this neat shed!  I love the color too of the siding and trim together.

David's 12x8 Saltbox Shed

A picture of David's 12x8 saltbox shed.David's Picture of His 12x8 Saltbox Shed

Here's David's picture of his neat 12x8 saltbox shed.  David is almost 70!  David, I hope I can do this when I am 70, which is not too far away for me!  Thank you for your inspiration!

He modified the roof structure by extending the eaves to 8", and used galvanized 2x6 metal studs for the floor framing.

Here's what David included with his email message:

Hello John,  here is my finished shed, I added a 8 inch overhang on the rake. John yes that is galvanized metal 2x6 studs they will last for 30 plus years. Also how did you like the 8 inch overhang on the eaves? I'm proud of it and have got many compliments. I still need to wire it for electricity and build my shelving and my work bench. Thank you for you kind remarks. David

Learn more about the plans David used.

Pictures of Steve's 12x16 Barn Shed

pictures of sheds: steve's 12x16 barn shedPictures of Sheds - Steve's 12x16 Barn Shed
picture of Steve's completed floor getting ready to build his walls.Picture of Steve's Completed Floor

Here's what Steve said with the pictures of his shed that he sent my way...

"Hey John, I enjoyed looking at sheds that people built with your plans that are posted on your website. You asked me if you could use my photo on your Facebook page and website. Actually I would love that. There were a few photos of your customers in various stages of the build. I thought I would send you a few to chose from if you can use them. Two things I wanted from a shed. I have an open carport and no basement. Besides needing lots of space for storage, I really wanted some where I could work on things. I chose the Gambrel style due to the loft storage and the fact that I would have plenty of room for a small workshop. You said my shed was the first photo you got with the doors on the long side. I thought long and hard where I would put the doors."

Steve's Roof Framing Picture

"The number one purpose for my shed being built where I put it in my yard, was our extremely nosy, gossiping, putting her nose in other peoples business, backyard neighbor. They have a glass sliding door that they love to look out. Our small deck was in their line of sight, not no more!! He He. The two neighbors on either side, put up fences to isolate themselves. One older neighbor came by when I was just starting to build the shed and asked me, are you planning on planting some Elephant Ear plants this year? I said probably, why you ask? He said because they blocked the woman behind our house line of sight when they sit out on their deck. I asked him, let me guess, she started some sh...t with you, oh boy did he have some things to say about her. She’s like 80 now but still causing s.... with everyone. When and if you use my photos and story, please send me a link so I can enjoy what you used them for. I can’t seem to find your Facebook page......later"

See more of Steve's pictures of his shed on my facebook page.

Learn more about the plans Steve used.

Matt's Tiny House

Picture of Matt's very cute tiny house.Matt's Tiny House

Here's pictures of Matt's 12x16 barn with front porch he built.  This quaint little tiny house, (shed home or even a small cabin), has a 6'x16' front porch, front entry door, and a total of 4 windows.

You can learn more about the plans Matt used here:  12x16 barn shed plans with porch.

Great job building this neat shed Matt!  And thank you for sending me pictures!

Great Job Matt!
Nice Siding on This Shed!
With a Front Porch!

Tim's Off Grid Cabin

Pictures of Tim's off grid small cabinTim's Off Grid Small Cabin

Tim used my 12x16 barn shed plans with porch to build this livable off grid small cabin.

He added solar panels for electricity, and windows in the loft area.  Here's a comment Tim added with the pictures he sent:  " I modified the plans to have a block between the porch and structure. We have also added raised floor during the framing to put insulated sheeting in the floor to have it insulated, but away from bugs and critters. "

Best Regards, Tim

Pictures of Tim Framing his shed with porch for off grid cabin.Tim Working on the Framing
Picture of Tim's off grid cabin with nice big front porch.Nice Big Front Porch
Picture of Tim's loft areaHuge Loft for Sleeping Area

Here's the plans Tim used to build this neat small cabin.

Heather's Wood Shop Shed

Pictures of sheds - Here's Heathers 12x16 barn shed.Heather's 12x16 Barn Shed

Here's Heather's comments about her new 12x16 barn shed she built...

"We had an old fashioned barn raising and my sisters, daughters and I with a little help from my sons and a couple of nephews built my new Woodshop using your plans. Everyone that sees it is shocked that a woman organized and built it."

pictures of sheds - Heather's new woodshopHeather's Wood Shop - Wow!
Pictures of sheds - putting the roof on Heather's shedPutting The Shingles On
Pictures of sheds - Heathers stairway up to the huge loftShe Even Built a Stairway!

Here's the shed plans Heather used.

Jerry's 8x10 Barn Shed Pictures

pictures of Jerry's 8x10  barn shedJerry's 8x10 Barn Shed

Jerry emailed me this nice compliment: 

"Hi John, I finished my shed awhile ago but I am just now getting around to thanking you for your excellent plan. It is clear and very easy to follow. Also the cut list is perfect and saves hours of figuring. I worked as a carpenter for forty years and didn't think I'd enjoy working again until now. I included a few pictures and thanks again. Have a great holiday!"

Pictures of sheds- Jerry's 8x10 barn shed workshop.Jerry's workshop

Jerry built this 8x10 barn shed and did such an amazing job modifying the doors by adding windows to them.  He also modified the area just above the shed doors by adding in a transom window.  His workshop is so neat you just want to go in there to get away from it all and work on some nice little project. Jerry used these plans to build his neat shed.

Davids Barn With Porch Shed Pictures

Here's a barn shed with porch built by David. He actually purchased 3 of my shed plans and incorporated bits and pieces from each one to build this neat shed.

Read more about Davids barn shed and his outstanding testimonial about the plans he bought from shedking.

Tim's 12x16 Barn Shed With Porch

12x16 barn shed with porchTim's 12x16 Barn Shed With Porch

Tim is building this really neat 12x16 barn style shed that's got a huge loft, lots of space on the first floor, and a nice 6'x16' side porch.  You can learn more about the plans Tim is using here:

Jeff's 12' x32' Saltbox Workshop Shed

Jeffs 12x20 Saltbox style workshopJeff's 12x20 Saltbox Workshop

Jeff built this 12x20 saltbox style shed that he is using for a really cool looking workshop.  He modified my 12x16 saltbox shed plans by adding on another 4', and the plans show double shed doors but Jeff added a really functional and useful roll-up shed door.

Jeff's workshop in his 12x20 saltbox style shedJeff's Cool Workshop

Inside Jeff's shed is his really neat workshop that looks well organized and quite functional as well.  Getting tools and projects in and out of his shed is going to really be easy with the roll-up shed door.  The additional windows he added let in lots of natural light too! 

You did a great job building your shed Jeff!  Thank you so much for sending in your shed pictures.  You can read more about the plans Jeff used here:  12x16 saltbox shed plans.

Dan's Saltbox Shed

Nice picture of Dan's saltbox shed.Dan's Neat Saltbox Shed

This is Dan's 12x10 saltbox style shed.  This shed has lots of character, makes for a nice garden shed, and can be spruced up with a nice flower box under the window.

See more of Dan's Awesome saltbox shed.

Craig's Barn Shed

12x16 barn shed picture sent in by CraigCraig and his son's 12x16 Barn Shed

Craig and his son built this awesome 12x16 barn shed that has lots of storage space inside and a huge loft.

See more of this neat shed job.

Jason's Barn Shed

Jason build this awesome 10x12 barn shed with metal roof and vinyl siding.  He also added a few windows and pre-hung double doors.

See more of Jason's neat shed.

Rod's 12x16 Barn Shed

Rod built this 12x16 barn shed while coming home from the Middle East. Rod is standing in front of the shed with a little boy they take care of.. (Ross) who was so impressed by the event he's been running around hammering nails into whatever he has the strength for: foam, pumkins ect.

Yes, in spite of a few mistakes I deemed 'minor'... at the end of the day I was very proud and felt I had completed a major accomplishment.

Well, thanks a lot.



Here's the pictures Rod emailed to me of his project.

John's Barn With Porch Shed

John Miller sent me pictures of the 12x16 barn with porch plans and the job he did was absolutely fantastic. He added a metal roof, pre-hung side door, and windows on either side of the entry door.

This project is going to be used for his workshop and various storage needs that he has. The loft area in this barn is great for any storage needs you might have.

Read John's comments and see more pictures of his barn shed.

Plans for this barn can be found here.

Shawns Modified Saltbox

This is a smaller version of our 12' long x 8' wide saltbox shed plans built by Shawn.

He did a great job in modifying the plans to build a smaller version to suit his needs. Shawn is from Canada and because of the heavy snow loads he has spaced the roof trusses every 16" instead of the 24" called for in the plans. Good planning and Nice looking shed Shawn!

Here's what Shawn had to say about the saltbox plans he purchased here at shedking:

Hi John,

Your plans were very helpful, to be honest the only thing that I found could have been clearer is the diagram on the roof truss angles. I ended up drawing the truss in CAD, using your angles as a starting point and getting the remaining angles from CAD. (this has been updated and made clearer on our plans!)

Who knows, maybe I put to much thought into it, however your plans did help me very much, and your willingness to answer questions was much appreciated.

Good luck with future plans and with your website, I always find it interesting to see others business ideas as the Internet sure has made sharing information easier

All the best,

Shawn, Ontario, Canada

I bow to the Shed King...All I have to say is THANK YOU!!!

I purchased your plans online to build an 8x12 salt box shed about 3 weeks ago. My wife and I just had our first child and we only have a one car garage and we accumulated a ton of baby stuff so my stuff had to find a place to go, so i needed a shed.

I convinced my wife that it would be cheaper building one than buying one at Home depot or Lowes. I was half telling the truth. Lowes has an 8x12 salt box, but it is build with 2x4" floor and 2x3 wall studs and I wanted something a bit more robust.

I am 90% done with building the shed and with upgrades such as 3/4" ply floor and roof and 2x6 platform, I am all in $1,236...Not bad I think...

Not to mention that your plans made it so easy for the weekend warrior that I am. I can do the basic and have done all the work on my home but never took on a ground up construction project such as this one. 

With a little thought and making sure that you read through your instructions a few times, this project was the coolest and most fun I've had with construction yet.

Getting a ton of complements as well from the neighborhood.

Here are a few pics. Will send more after it is all done and painted...

Best $6.00 I ever spent.

Thanks again,


Scott's 12x16 Gambrel Shed

Hi there, I purchased your plans about a month ago, its been kind of slow going with our rainy April that we had but we finally got the roof trusses up today.

I forgot to take pics before now (sorry!). Its 12x16, I'm putting 2 windows on the 2 long walls a 6' door in the front and an extra side door so I can get to the back without kicking the lawnmower all the time.

I have a question, I'm not using the same type of siding you used because my wife got vinyl siding almost free from where she works. That will work out fine except now I'm not sure on how to build a door that will look decent and not warp up on me too badly. Any ideas? I was thinking I would get some exterior ply to put behind some cedar framing and paint it, I just wanted to check and see if anyone else has ever done anything different with the doors. 

Thanks for your time and for the plans, they are excellent by the way. I drew up my framing walls in AutoCad and will share those with you if you're interested (I'm a drafter professionally).

Thank you,


Have a look at the 12x16 Gambrel shed plans.

Here's another 12x8 saltbox shed.

Heres another 12x8 saltbox shed design, built by Jeff. 

Looks great Jeff. You did a nice job with this one. 

This is not the easiest storage shed to build but if you are up to the challenge like Jeff was, you will turn out a nice shed like this one that can be used for a garden shed, storage shed, chicken coop, or a small office.

12x8 saltbox shed plans from shedking.

12x16 Gambrel shed pictures from Robert

I bought your plans for a 12x16 gambrel shed, made a few modifications to fit our application and just finished it. Thought you might like to see the process. Thanks for the plans. They were a great help. If you are wondering about the lime green trim, it is in memory of my father who passed away a few years ago. Thanks again. 

Rob Adams

From the looks of it Robert had quite a bit of prep work to do in order to get to having flat and level ground to pour his concrete shed floor.

site prep pictures of sheds from Robert
extensive site prep pictures of sheds
shed pictures shed foundation is almost ready

Now that the concrete cement floor is done, we can finally start building the gambrel shed.

shed pictures from Robert
roof framing almost done pictures of sheds

With the roof framing done and loft boards in place, the roof can be covered with roof felt and shingled.

loft opening pictures of sheds
almost there pictures of sheds
At last, a shed I can be proud to build pictures of sheds

What a great job you did building this nice sized 12x16 gambrel shed with loft.

I am quite sure your Dad would have been very proud of you Robert! Thank you for visiting and purchasing the plans, and building the shed (quite nicely I might add!)

If you would like to look at the plans Robert used to build this gambrel shed with, please click here for the 12x16 gambrel shed plans.

The Friedman's Built This Really Nice Gable Shed

Not only did the Friedman's build a really neat gable style storage shed, their landscaping is beautiful! Nice Job Done!

Plans for this 10x12 Gable Storage Shed.

Mary's 12x16 Gambrel Roof Shed with Side Porch

Mary sent me this pic in March of 2012 of the 12x16 barn with porch she is in the process of building.

Coming along very nice Mary!

12x16 Barn with Porch Plans.

My Wife Sarah's Garden Shed Pictures

pictures of sheds - my wifes garden shedThe Garden Shed I built for my Wife

I'm finally building my wife a garden shed. If it ever gets done, she'll have a nice 12'x16' gable style shed to store all her garden tools in and whatever else she needs to put in there.

We're also adding on a chicken coop on the back side of this shed so that we can get them back up closer to our house. Less walking to do to take care of the littel buggers!.

Read more and follow my building progress of Sarah's Garden Shed.

Rod's Gable Shed

Rod sent me these pictures of the gable shed he is building. Rod didn't actually build this shed using my shed plans, he built it using the free shed building information right here on this website.

See more of the Rod's pictures he sent of his neat shed.

Glenn's Playhouse Shed

Glenn is building this 10x12 gambrel shed to be used as a playhouse for his kids, then later when they have grown up, Glenn will be using the shed for other purposes.

See more of Glenn's playhouse shed.

Cammy's Tiny House

Check out the progress of Cammy's tiny house being built from my 10x12 barn shed plans. This is going to be a neat project indeed!

See Pictures of Cammy's Tiny Barn House.

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