Useful Shed Construction Information For You

Here are some helpful Shed construction items that will help you in your shed building process.   The links listed below are grouped into each building phase and should be helpful for you in building your new shed, playhouse, small cabin, chicken coop, tiny house, etc.

Shed Floor Construction

Shed Wall Construction

Shed Door Construction

Shed Roof Construction

Shed Styles and Designs

A gambrel of barn style shed roof is one of the most popular and common shed styles to build.  They offer the most storage space for a shed because the loft area is much larger just due to the size of the roof framing.  Check out these barn style plans.

A gable style shed is perhaps one of the easiest styles of sheds to build.  The roof can be built using a ridge board, or with trusses.  Most of my gable plans show roof construction using pre-built trusses. Here's  some more information on gable shed roofs and how to build them.

Lean to shed sheds have what is commonly known as a 'shed roof'.  The roof on a lean to shed has just one slope, front to back or back to front.  Here's some lean to plans I have for sale on my site.

Saltbox style sheds have 2 roof slopes.  The front roof slope is usually greater in pitch and the rear is less of a pitch.  This typically is due to the front wall being taller than the rear wall.  You can see examples of saltbox sheds here on my site.  My saltbox sheds have the same heigth front and rear walls, however the front and rear roof pitches are different.

Future Items To Come for Shed Construction






Wall stud

A wall stud is typically a piece of lumber that can be a 2x4, a 2x6, or even larger.  However 2x4's and 2x6's are the most common size lumber used in wall framing for shed construction.

Rim joist

When building a shed floor, a rim joist is the outer most joist on either end.



For shed building, stud is a construction term used to refer to framing a wall with studs.

Toe nail

Top plate

Treated Lumber

In shed construction, treated is referred to when using pressure treated lumber.  I often include pressure treated lumber in my shed plans for the floor framing because it withstands the weather elements better than if you were to just frame your floor with regular untreated lumber.



Z Strip Weather Flashing

Protect the horizontal edges of your shed siding with Z Flashing

Here's some more information on related shed building you may be interested in.

Framing a Shed

Building shed doors.

Adding windows to your shed.

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