Shed Construction and Shed Building Terms

Shed construction and shed building is not hard. When your trying to figure out how to build a shed, and you aren't quite sure what this or that means as it relates to building a shed, check out our glossary of shed terms below.

Listed in alphabetical order


Method used in connecting your shed floor to its foundation. Here's a great way to anchor your shed floor.

Bottom plate

With stud wall framing, the bottom horizontal member of the wall. This is also known as a sole plate. Click here for more information on shed walls.

Collar Beam or tie

The connecting member used between rafters to strengthen the roof structure. Learn more about shed roofs..

Drip edge

Give your shed roof edges the protection they need from deteriorating by using drip edge.


Felt paper



Gable shed


Gambrel shed


These are a must to have over shed door and window openings. I'll show you why you need them and how to build headers.

Hurricane tie

Most building codes require the use of hurricane ties in shed roof framing.






Ridge beam

One of the most common ways to build a shed roof is framing in a ridge beam.

Rim joist

When building a shed floor, a rim joist is the outer most joist on either end.

Saltbox shed



Shed Floor Skids

If done properly, shed floor skids will help support your shed floor for years and years. This is the key to a well built and sturdy floor.


Toe nail

Top plate




Building a shed truss is not hard. Here is the method I use to build my shed roof.

Z Strip Weather Flashing

Protect the horizontal edges of your shed siding with Z Flashing

Here's some more information on related shed building you may be interested in.

Framing shed walls.

Building shed doors.

Adding windows to your shed.

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