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Shed Materials Costs

How much does it cost to build a shed?

Shed materials costsWhat Does It Cost To Build a Shed?

Below you will find the shed materials costs sheets for each of the shed plans I sell on shedking.  These materials costs are in pdf format and instantly downloadable. 

Just pick the one you want and simply download it.  Then take this cost sheet for the shed you want to build to your favorite lumber store.  They will be more than happy to look up the prices for you.

Or, you can look them up online from the comfort of your home!  I have an excel spreadsheet that lists almost all the items you would need to build a shed.

Shed materials on an excel spreadsheet

So to answer this question of how much does it cost to build a shed, I have put together an excel spreadsheet that has shed materials items listed on it.  Each of these items is linked to lowes or shed windows and more.  Download this excel spreadsheet, and use it in conjunction with any of the shed materials I have included down below.  This way you will have an exact cost of how much it will be to build the shed you want.

This excel spreadsheet is broken down into building segments of the shed building process. 

For example, building a shed is done in stages:

Floor framing (or maybe you need a concrete shed floor)

Front wall framing

Back wall framing

Left wall framing

Right wall framing

Door construction

Trusses/rafter construction

Roof materials

Miscellaneous materials

Each building category listed above is a separate 'sheet' on the spreadsheet.  You can enter in items separately on each sheet, then they are automatically summed up on the main materials sheet where you can click on the material in question, look up the price, and enter it in for that item.  Once you have all your shed materials costs entered along with quantities needed, you'll see a grand total for the shed you want to build.

How to get the FREE excel shed materials cost sheet...

If you are interested in getting my blank excel cost spreadsheet, please email me here and I'll send it to you as soon as I can.

How much does it cost to build a shed - use this excel spreadsheet.Excel Shed Cost Spreadsheet Free Download

My materials lists in .pdf format are below...

Gable Shed Material Sheets

Shed materials costs to build a shed.This Custom Gable Shed Cost Me About $4000 to Build

Click on the one you are interested in and you'll immediately get a pdf file you can download and print out.

8x10 Gable

8x16 Gable

10x10 Gable

10x16 Gable door on short end wall

10x16 Gable door on long side wall

10x12 Gable

12x16 Simple Gable

12x16 Gable with Garage Door

12x16 Garden Shed

Barn Shed Material Sheets

How much does it cost to build a barn style shed?Barn Materials Costs

8x10 Barn

8x12 Barn

10x12 Barn

10x16 Barn

12x12 Barn

12x16 Barn

12x20 Barn

12x16 Barn with Porch

12x22 Barn with Front Porch

12x24 Barn with Porch

Saltbox Shed Material Sheets

How much does it cost to build a saltbox roof style shed.Materials Costs For Saltbox Style Sheds

10x8 Saltbox

12x8 Saltbox

12x10 Saltbox

16x12 Saltbox

Lean To Shed Material Sheets

Shed materials cost sheets to help you figure out how much it costs to build a shed.What's it Cost To Build a Lean To Shed

4x8 Lean To

6x8 Lean To

Chicken Coop Materials Sheets

4x8 Chicken Coop

Fire Wood Shed Materials Sheets

2x8 Firewood Shed

Shed Home Materials Sheets

12x22 Shed Home

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