Build a Shed Loft!

Here are some shed loft illustrations and pictures showing the framing for adding a shed loft to increase your storage space. 

storage space added with a shed loftGambrel Roof Shed Loft

A shed loft, or attic in your shed  can be used for a multitude of purposes!   Of course, the most obvious is using it for increased storage.  Another use is for sleeping quarters in tiny houses, cabins, and cottages.  Or it can be a play space in a children's playhouse. 

Whatever your need is,  you'll definitely find that building a shed loft will come in very handy!

shed loft for sleepingSo Many Uses For A Shed Loft!

The Best Shed Loft is....

gambrel roof sheds have lots of loft areaThis Shed Loft Offers Lots of Headroom

A shed with a gambrel style roof offers the most storage space in the attic. This is because of the increased headroom provided with the gambrel truss. Maybe you want to keep the style of your shed roof to match your home which could be a gable style roof.  

Depending on the roof pitch, your gable style shed could offer up quite a bit of storage space in it's shed loft also.

a loft in a gable style shedHigh Roof Pitch Offers Good Loft Area In Gable Sheds

Not So Much Attic Space Here....

low shed loft space in saltbox shedsNot Much Loft Area In a Saltbox Style Shed

A saltbox style shed, and the lean to shed will not offer up as much storage space in the loft area, but there are still possibilities of utilizing some storage space up in their attic area.

Lean to shed with not much of a shed loftNot Much Loft Space In a Lean To Shed

Some Shed Loft Pictures....

gambrel roof shed loftAnother Example Of a Huge Loft In a Barn Style Shed
shed loft sleeping areaShed Loft In a 12x16 Barn Shed

The 12x16 barn shed shown above is one of my most popular shed plans that I sell.  It can be used for a multitude of storage purposes and even a shed home or tiny house can be built using the plans.

gable roof shed loft areaHigh Pitch Gable Roof Makes For A Good Shed Loft
small shed loftYou May Not Need A Big Shed Loft
my shed loftThis Shed Loft is Bigger Than It Looks

The shed pictured above is my wife's 12x16 gable style shed.  The attic here doesn't look that big, but the roof pitch is like an 8/12 pitch.  You could easily make a tiny house with this shed plan and have a nice sleeping area up in the attic.

adding a shed loft before sheeting your shed roofAdd Your Shed Loft Before Sheeting The Roof
a shed loft used for a playhouseA Playhouse Shed Loft
One Of My Favorite Shed Loft Pictures
a chicken coop shed loftShed Loft In a Chicken Coop

The big gambrel roof shed above is being used for a chicken coop.  The customer uses his loft for storing supplies for his chickens.  You can learn more about these plans here.

lighting being used for this shed loftAdd Electric and Light Up Your Loft Area

All of my gambrel roof shed plans that have nice loft areas.

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