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12x24 barn with porch plans12'x24' Barn With Porch Plans
12x24 barn with porch left side view.Left Side View
12x24 barn with porch right side view.Right Side View

12x24 Barn Details..


12' wide x 24' long x 14' 9-11/16" tall.


  • Treated 2x6's spaced 12" on center with 4  4"x4" treated support skids.
  • Floor sheeted with 3/4" treated plywood but can be regular plywood.


  • 2x4 wall framing spaced 16" on center with 7' 11.5" interior wall height.
  • Siding shown with plans is 7/16" LP Smartside siding panels.
  • Use cedar trim, pvc trim, or trim of your choice.  Plans show cedar trim on roof, doors, and corners.


  • Framed with customer built 2x4 gambrel trusses spaced 24" on center.
  • Roof sheeted with 7/16" osb or plywood sheeting. Plans show shingled roof with option of using 3-tab or dimensional shingles.


Interior headroom of 4' 7-1/4" headroom off loft floor. You can purchase optional taller trusses that will provide around 6' headroom off loft floor.

Doors and Windows

Front wall has 5' wide by 6'5" tall double shed doors on left side.  The right side has a 32" pre-hung entry door with 2  14"x27" windows.  Left end has 2  14"x27" windows.

Special Features

Front porch with dimensions of 12' long x 4' wide. This shed can easily be framed without the porch to have a bigger shed on the inside.

What can you use this 12x24 barn shed for?

Use these 12x24 barn plans to build yourself a super size storage shed, shed home, tiny house, small cabin, craft studio, or backyard home office.

12x24 barn shed plansBuild a Shed Home or Small Cabin
Use these 12x24 plans to build a super workshopRoom for A Workshop and Playhouse

Your 12x24 barn plans include all this..

Your instant download of these 12x24 barn plans come with all this:

  • 17 page Comprehensive and detailed building guide.
  • 23 pages of blueprints
  • Materials Lists
  • Front Porch Framing
  • Window Framing
  • Loft Framing
  • Ramp Building Details
  • Email Support

12x24 barn with porch plansBuild a Tiny House with these 12x24 barn plans!

Shown below are a few samples of the plans you get with your 12x24 barn plans download. All phases of the construction of this small barn are in full color and are full pages of detail.

12x24 barn shed plans elevation viewsElevation Views
sample 12x24 barn blueprint detailDetailed Roof Truss Framing

This 12x24 Barn w/porch has a huge loft

This small barn has plans for building a huge loft in the storage area. If you chose to this barn could even be used for building a nice small home and you could have your sleeping bed located in the loft area.

huge loft for storage or living quartersBig loft for lots of storage.

Some pictures from customers who used my 12x24 barn plans

12x24 barn plans used by Charles.Charle's 12x24 Barn Shed

Charles's used the plans to build his 12x24 barn.  The amount of storage space in this shed is huge!  Charles modified the plans somewhat and did away with the front side porch and moved the  double shed doors to the middle of the barn.

12x24 barn plans that Tracey used.Tracey's 12x24 Small Cabin

Tracey and his wife used my 12x24 barn plans to build this small cabin in the woods.  The loft area in this shed is huge and makes for a nice sized bedroom.

12x24 barn plans used to build a traditional looking barn.Neat barn built using my 12x24 barn plans

This is exactly how your barn shed will turn out by using my 12x24 barn plans.  A nice front porch, 5' wide double shed doors, huge loft area, and large floor space downstairs to use for your workshop, craft studio, tiny house, small cabin, or backyard home office.

If you build this neat barn, don't forget to email me your pictures! Thanks for visiting my site.

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