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Easy Diy Shed Building Plans

10x16 Barn Shed Plans

You'll be so proud of yourself after building this 10x16 barn shed.  Plans are available in pdf format for immediate download after making a secure purchase through paypal.  Along the way through the building process and even before building begins, I offer email support for any questions you might have!

10x16 Barn Shed Details

A view of the 10x16 barn shed you can build.Detailed 10x16 Barn Shed Plans

These  shed plans will help you build a shed that has all the following features:

  • 10' wide x 16' long x 13' 10"tall.
  • 7'10" inside wall height
  • All treated lumber floor.
  • All 2x4 construction.
  • Large 4' loft storage area in ceiling.
  • Smartside engineered and pre-primed long lasting siding panels.
  • Pre-built shed trusses.
  • 5' double shed doors.
  • Anchored wooden shed floor accepted by most building codes.
  • Vents on gable ends.
  • 1x4 Cedar trim.
  • 5' shed ramp.

Some Pages From the Shed Plans

Blueprint pages from 10x16 Barn shed plans10' wide x 16' Long Barn Blueprint Pages

What you get with the plans:

51 page total download includes.....

27 page construction guide.

23 pages of blueprints.

Here are the blueprint pages.....

  • 8-1/2x11 pdf format
  • Elevation Views
  • Building Section
  • Floor Plan
  • Floor Framing
  • Floor Sheeting
  • Left and Right Wall Framing
  • Back Wall Framing
  • Front Wall Framing
  • Door Construction
  • Truss Construction
  • Roof Framing
  • Loft Framing (modifiable)
  • Roof Sheeting
  • Ramp Construction
  • Diagram on Adding Shelves
  • Window Framing
  • Nail Schedule and Nail Sizes
  • Materials list
One of my 10x16 barn shed plan buyers.A 10x16 Barn Shed Plan Buyer

Randy, one of my plan buyers working on his shed.

Here's some pictures of a motorcycle shed Mike built using these plans.

Download Instructions:

These plans will be emailed via a supplied download link immediately upon secure payment through using the Add To Cart button located below.  

Immediate Download for Just $12.95


Very Important:

Before paying for these plans please make sure your email will accept email from and  If you have trouble getting the plans, or just need further information about the plans please contact me.

Pictures From Customers Who Purchased My 10x16 Barn Shed Plans

Leyland purchased my 10x16 barn shed plans and built this beautiful shed.Leylands 10x16 Barn Shed He Built Using My Plans
Romano's 10x16 barn shedRomano's Unique 10x16 Barn Shed
Wade bought my 10x16 barn shed plans and added this neat porch to it.Wade's 10x16 Barn Shed with Added Porch (not in plans)
Big loft you'll have when you build a shed with my 10x16 barn shed plans.Mike's view from his big loft included with my 10x16 barn shed plans.

The barn shed below is from Dave who took the plans and modified the barn down to 14', added pre-hung double doors, side entry door, and 2 windows.  He also modified the loft to make it 6.5' headroom.

Dave's 10x14 barn shed Dave's Awesome 10x14 Barn With Huge Loft

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How to build a shed with easy diy shed plans.
Pictures and testimonials from happy shed plan buyers.

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