Chuck's Workshop Shed

Chuck's beautiful 12'x22' barn shed with front porch.Chuck's Workshop Shed

Chuck built this awesome 12'x22' barn with front porch for use as his workshop.  This shed has got to be one of the neatest ones I've seen yet from a customer who purchased a set of my shed plans.

Getting the build started..

Chuck's floor framed up.Getting The Floor Framed up.

This shed floor is framed up with and built with treated 2x6 lumber spaced 16" on center.  The shed can be anchored with concrete anchors in each corner and blocking placed under the interior support skids every 3 to 4'.

Getting the walls framed up and ready for siding.Shed Walls In Place Ready For Siding

The shed walls for this shed are framed up just like a home is framed up with wall studs being framed at 16" on center using 2x4 wall studs.  The walls have an interior wall height of 8'.

Walls up and sided, ready for the roof to be framed.Chuck Used T1-11 Siding Panels

The porch roof is framed up with 2x10 double headers for supporting the roof framing.

Pre-built trusses for the roof framing

Roof framed up with customer built trusses.Trusses Built and Ready To Put Up!

The trusses for this shed are 12' wide and are pre-built by the customer for the roof framing which is 24" on center and made out of 2x4's.  The junctions of the individual truss pieces are connected on both sides with wooden gusset plates that can be constructed of either 1/2" plywood or OSB (oriented strand board).

Getting the roof framed up

Chuck's roof all framed up with pre-built trusses.Isn't This Such a Neat Picture With The Roof Trusses In Place!

The plans Chuck used include blueprints for building the 12' wide trusses which have 5' headroom off the 2x6 loft floor.

Adding the finishing touches to this neat shed.Adding The Finishing Touches To This Neat Shed

The front porch on this shed plan is 6' deep by 12' wide and makes for a nice sitting area.

Looks just like the plans he purchased

Picture From The Plans

Here's a picture from the plans that Chuck purchased.  You can see from the picture that he pretty much followed the plans exactly right down to the shutter designs around the windows.  The cupola you see on top of the roof is a free plan that comes with any shed plan purchase here at shedking.

Chuck's neat shed sign.What a Neat Sign Chuck Built For His Workshop Shed!

I truly appreciate getting pictures from customers!

Thank you so much Chuck for sending in pictures of your totally awesome workshop shed. As I mentioned up top, this is one of the neatest shed pictures I have gotten since I started selling shed plans on the internet back in the early 2000's.  I developed the plans for this shed as one of my 'shed to house' or 'shed home' plans but it could be used for just about anything. 

Take a virtual interactive tour of this shed inside and out

(you can even click on the 'ar' button with this page loaded on your phone and see what this shed would look like in your backyard!)

Here's the plans Chuck used

If you are interested in taking a look at the shed plans Chuck used you can find them here: 12'x22' barn with front porch plans.

If you would like to see more pictures and testimonials sent in from past customers please visit this page.

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