Backyard Shed Designs
Using Virtual Reality

Walk thru my backyard storage shedsUse Virtual Reality To Help You Decide!

Use virtual reality to help you decide what type of backyard shed designs might work best for you.

Click on any of the pictures below of my backyard storage sheds and be whisked away into a virtual 3d world where you can walk into the shed you want, go up in the loft, walk around the outside, check out all the framing, etc.  You can even use your VR glasses and be immersed in a virtual 3d dimension. 

12x16 Barn Shed

12x16 Barn Shed Plans

10x10 Barn Shed

10x10 Barn Shed Plans

10x16 Barn Shed

10x16 Barn Shed Plans

12x12 Barn Shed

12x12 Barn  Shed Plans

12x16 Barn With Porch

12x16 Barn with Porch Plans

8x12 Barn Shed

8x12 Barn Shed Plans

10x12 Barn Shed

10x12 Barn Shed Plans

10x12 Gable Shed

10x12 Gable Roof Shed Plans

12x24 Barn With Porch

12x24 Barn with Porch Plans

6x8 Barn Shed

6x8 Barn Shed Plans

12x16 Garden Shed

12x16 Garden Shed Plans

12x16 Gable with Roll Up Shed Door

12x16 Gable with roll up door plans

12x16 Simple Gable Shed

12x16 Simple Gable Shed Plans

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