Custom Shed Plans and Plan Modifications

When time permits, I am happy to do custom plans and/or do modifications to plans that I currently sell.  

The plans I have for sale on my website here are relatively cheap.  It takes me usually about 20 hours to do a basic set of custom shed plans so my minimum charge is $200. and depending on anything out of the ordinary for your custom plan, there will be additional charges.

For plan modifications, I charge $20.00/hour.

Please note:

My 30% off sale does not apply to the price charged for my custom shed plan service.

I am not a professional architect nor am I an engineer.  If I do custom shed plans for you, I strongly suggest submitting them to your local building inspection office for a building permit.  If they require load limits such as roof and floor loads or an engineers stamp on the plans, I do not do this.  You will have to submit your plans to a structural engineer for this.

What's included with your custom shed plan package:

A full set of building blueprints to include:

Floor plan

Building cross section

Elevation views

Foundation plan - wooden framed or concrete

Wall framing plans with window and door dimensions

Loft framing plan

Roof framing plan to include rafter/truss dimensions

Materials list

I will also include a materials list which is broken down into building phases and can be used to submit to your lumber supplier as a shopping list.  

3d Interactive model

As I am working with you on your plans I will be submitting from time to time to you a 3d interactive viewing model like the one below.  This model will also help you to see various details of your shed that you otherwise wouldn't be able to see with a set of 2d plans.

Your plan format

I do most plans on 11"x17" paper.  In order for the scale to work properly if submitting the plans, you should take the shed plan file I do up for you to a printer like staples or a ups store that does printing.  You will also have the option to print out the plans on 8.5"x11" just by clicking a 'print to fit' option in your printer options menu.

Please fill out the form below to request a set of custom shed plans or a plan modification

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