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Depth of anchors

by Tom Sharp
(Jacksonville, FL)

Shed Floor Anchors and Blocking

Shed Floor Anchors and Blocking

Here in Florida freezing is not an issue. How deep should I place 4x4 posts and 12” concrete cylinders to ensure solid foundation and anchorage in our sandy soil?

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Aug 15, 2021
Shed Floor Anchors In Florida
by: John

Hi Tom,

I am not very familiar with the Florida building codes in your area so I don't have a great answer for you. I would definitely give your building regulations department that issues permits a call about this issue and they would advise you on that.

The picture I have included shows a standard method of anchoring a shed floor with 4 corner anchors where the bottoms extend just below the freeze line. Although you don't have to worry about freezing temperatures causing havoc with your anchors heaving up and down, you do have to worry obviously hurricane force winds possibly at times.

I would think that you would still have to have your concrete anchors pretty deep into the ground, and possibly also have to use tie down shed anchors along with the concrete anchors. The method I use for attaching the anchors to the floor framing skids is a Simpson BC-4 post cap.

You may also want to consider adding additional strapping over your floor skids and nailing the ends down over the anchor posts.

I hope this helps you out. I know most people hesitate about calling the local building inspection office to ask them questions but this is your best line of defense when it comes to building your shed properly. Especially down in Florida. I get the most questions asked about if my plans are engineered stamped and approved for Florida building codes.

So my plans are not engineered stamped for the reason that if the building department in your locality requires this, this is something you would have to pay for individually. I do not provide that service, and if I did I would have to be charging well over $300 to $400 for my plans!!

Doing a search on the internet for shed plans will show you that none of the shed plan sellers provide this that I am aware of.

Good luck with your project and I hope this helps you out.

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